Big Boi Runs Into Trouble Bringing Owl On Stage At College Show


Big Boi hit a small snag during an appearance at Kennesaw State University in Georgia last week. The Outkast MC was invited to attend the school’s football game on October 28 and decided to bring one of his pet owls on stage with him. In a clip shared by TMZ, the owl immediately gets spooked and attempts to fly away. Fortunately for Big Boi, the bird doesn’t get too far because it’s tied to his right hand. But Big Boi still struggles momentarily as he tries to wrangle the owl while rapping “Sucka Free” with Sleepy Brown. A handler eventually intervenes and gets the bird to safety.

Big Boi owns four owls named Tula, Simon, Whodini and Hootie. He seemingly brought the owl to the event as a nod to Kennesaw State University’s owl mascot, Scrappy. He later posted an Instagram video of himself at the stadium with an owl with the caption, “Owl hugs. Saturdaze wit Babies and Birds.”

Big Boi has had a busy week. On Friday (November 3), he flew to New York City, where he inducted Kate Bush into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. During the introduction, Big Boi explained why he was up there to honor the British singer, who opted not to attend the ceremony in person.

“On the surface, obviously our music is very different,” he said. “But in important ways, we’re exactly the same. What I love about Kate’s music is that I never know what sound I’m gonna hear next. She ignores anything that seems like a formula and instead just does whatever she wants to do, like me.

“She challenges me as a listener and expands my ears and my mind. No matter how many times I look to albums like The Dreaming or 50 Words for Snow, they sound fresh and surprise me every time. They fill my head with ideas and expand my ambitions for what music can achieve.”


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