Cam’ron Addresses Viral Video Of Pants With Melyssa Ford’s Face


Cam’ron and Melyssa Ford ended 2023 with an unexpected feud between the rapper-turned-podcaster and the model-turned-podcaster. Some internet users suspected the Dipset leader carried that rivalry into 2024 with another dig at Ford.

Jermaine Dupri recently shared an Instagram video featuring Cam’ron on the set of the It Is What It Is sports talk show. The clip showed Cam wearing a pair of jeans with a woman’s face on the crotch.

Social media users recognized Melyssa Ford’s likeness on Cam’ron’s pants. However, the “Oh Boy” hitmaker is denying the ex-video vixen is the person featured on his outfit.

“Thx @jermainedupri @nelly for joining the show. @itiswhatitis_talk please come back soon!! Also, I’ve been seeing a lot of blogs. Y’all have the wrong idea. The person on my pants is not who y’all think it is. This lady’s name is Carol. [man Shrugging emoji, shushing face emoji],” Cam wrote on Instagram.

Despite the denial, the photo on Cam’ron’s pants seems to be a screenshot of Melyssa Ford from The Joe Budden Podcast. Back on November 17, 2023, Ford posted the same picture of herself on her Instagram page.

The public animosity between Cam’ron and Melyssa Ford began last year. During an episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, Ford questioned if Cam and his It Is What It Is co-host Ma$e slept with underage girls. That insinuation of criminal activities came after the “Horse & Carriage” collaborators told a story about “gang-banging” sex workers in the 1990s.

Ford apologized to Cam’ron but that did not stop the Harlem-bred MC from firing back at the former Blood, Sweat & Heels reality show star. Cam responded, “I told the b#### ‘don’t touch me’ when we took this pic. F### you and ya apology!!”

He also threatened to file a lawsuit against Melyssa Ford and The Joe Budden Podcast. The Crime Pays album creator stated, “Now if I sue y’all n##### for defamation of character, I’m a sucker. Well, I might be a sucker, I just might be. I don’t know yet. I’m thinking about it, pause.”


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