Cardi B Seemingly Loses Mass Following After Balenciaga Show


Balenciaga has been a very polarizing entity in the past few years. I guess you can say people have noticed recently. The infamous fashion house has been under fire since its November 2022 ad campaign, which controversially featured children with teddy bears in B### harnesses. That was so weird to me and ultimately led to the #cancelBalenciaga campaign. A few days ago, they had a show that had everybody from Kim Kardashian to Sexyy Red. Clearly, they did not get canceled for real.

But, there is a price to pay and it may not be all that important, but I think it is worth noting. Cardi B – more than most – experienced a significant drop in Instagram followers, losing 133,619. Her appearance at Balenciaga’s Fall 2024 show in Los Angeles was not the move. All she did was hit the runway! This was her biggest drop ever.

But she was not the only one.

Kim Kardashian, another celeb that is Balenciaga adjacent, had criticized the brand’s weird p###-like ads but still attended the show. She lost over 300,000 followers and Kendall Jenner lost nearly half a million people on the social media platform. Oddly, actor Nicole Kidman is now Balenciaga’s new ambassador, and saw her IG following rise, gaining 5,792 followers.

For the record, Balenciaga apologized for those ads involving kids and announced changes that included a partnership with the National Children’s Alliance (NCA). Are you following these people after this?

She has some other things going on, so I am going to say a few thousand people unfollowing won’t hurt her.


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