Desus Nice Reacts To Longtime Rival DJ Envy’s Legal Situation


RaaShaun “DJ Envy” Casey continues to remain a major topic of conversation. His alleged involvement in a real estate scam has a lot of people talking, including longtime rival Desus Nice.

Federal officials arrested Envy’s business partner, Cesar Pina, on one count of wire fraud. Prosecutors accused Pina of committing a multimillion-dollar Ponzi-like investment scheme that defrauded dozens of investors.

According to the feds, Cesar Pina partnered with The Breakfast Club radio host DJ Envy to conduct real estate seminars across the country. Pina allegedly used those seminars to build his social media following and recruit potential victims.

Desus Nice Hosts Comedy Central’s The Daily Show This Week

“Not DJ Envious. That was never on my radar,” Desus Nice sarcastically chimed in while guest hosting The Daily Show on October 24. “Wow, DJ Envy’s in trouble for real estate fraud. What a serious story.”

Desus continued, “It’s definitely not funny. There’s certainly nothing personal that makes it funny to me. It’s not like RaaShaun accosted me on the radio for making a little joke about him and his wife, which I only thought we were friends.”

The Bronx-born comedian also said, “It’s not like he called me ‘d#######’ and then got so mad he locked himself in the studio for the rest of the show and then told the building security I was a threat. But even if that happened, that’s all in the past.”

DJ Envy & Desus Nice Clashed On The Air In 2018

Desus was referencing an infamous encounter on The Breakfast Club involving himself, his then-Bodega Boys podcast partner The Kid Mero, and DJ Envy. That 2018 viral moment led to a longstanding feud between Desus & Mero and Envy.

The Daily Show segment also included Desus Nice playing a clip of DJ Envy recalling Joe Budden telling him that his real estate investment idea sounded like a Ponzi scheme. Desus also jokingly stated, “I don’t want Envy to go to prison. Imagine getting locked up for one of the corniest crimes in Hip-Hop history.”

DJ Envy publicly denied any wrongdoing. As of press time, law enforcement has not charged him with any crimes. His attorney, Massimo D’Angelo, went on the record to say that his client is “assisting and cooperating fully” with the federal fraud investigation.


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