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Diddy’s Troubles Worsen As Former Bodyguard Signals Willingness To Testify Against Mogul

Gene Deal, the former bodyguard of Sean “Diddy” Combs, has publicly announced his willingness to testify against the music mogul amid ongoing investigations into Diddy’s business and personal conduct. 

This revelation comes in the wake of federal raids on Diddy’s residences by Homeland Security Investigations, probing allegations of sex trafficking linked to the entrepreneur and entertainment powerhouse.

Deal, who has previously shared insights into his time working for Diddy and the events he witnessed, emphasized his readiness to step forward in a video discussion with The Art of Dialogue. 

“I get all kinds of hate mail, IG’s, talking about that I am trying to take a black man down. No, I went through every step you are supposed to go through when you got an issue with a man,” Gene Deal said. “By him doing the things he did, and taking the avenue he took, he’s suffering the consequences, and I don’t feel bad at all.

“They messed up the game when they put out that “Money, Power, Respect’ [by The Lox featuring DMX and Lil Kim] it aint never been like that. You got your respect in the street, that gave you your power, that brought you your money. He had it ass backward. Do I care what happens? Got enough money to buy his way out of it…so we think,” Gene Deal said, adding that Diddy might even commit suicide. 

So far, Diddy has been compelled to relinquish shares in his cable network, Revolt, following claims of sexual misconduct and stepped away from his involvement with the Harlem and Bronx-based charter school Capital Prep.

The raids on Diddy’s homes in Los Angeles and Miami mark a substantial escalation in the Federal investigation, focusing on accusations from multiple individuals of sexual assault, rape, and sex trafficking. 

These operations, described by Diddy’s legal team as an “unprecedented ambush,” were aimed at gathering evidence to support the allegations. 

Despite the aggressive nature of the raids, Diddy was neither arrested nor detained, although his cooperation with the authorities was highlighted.

Gene Deal’s intimate knowledge of Diddy’s personal and professional life, garnered through his years as a critical figure in Diddy’s security detail, positions him as a potentially pivotal witness should he choose to testify. 

Deal’s relationship with Diddy traces back to a shared affiliation with a New York City gang, a bond that initially brought them together and led to Deal’s role protecting the founder of Bad Boy Records.

As the investigation into Diddy’s alleged involvement in sex trafficking advances, the testimony of insiders like Gene Deal could verify the accusations against the mogul and possibly send him to prison.

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