Jeannie Mai Cites Safety Fears Over Jeezy’s Firearms In Response To Claims She’s “Gatekeeping” Daughter 


Jeannie Mai is denying Jeezy’s accusations that she gatekeeps his relationship with their daughter amid their ongoing divorce. 

Mai asked a judge to send the former couple to mediation over fears for their child’s safety while in her father’s care. In particular, Mai shared concerns over Jeezy “safely securing” firearms.  

According to multiple reports, Mai filed a response to her former partner’s request for a temporary custody hearing. The talk show host rejected his claims that she “acted as a gatekeeper” over Jeezy’s time with 23-month-old daughter Monaco.  

“It is essential to clarify that Ms. Jenkins’ insistence on reasonable safety measures being put in place,” Mai’s lawyers write in the new filing. “Such as safely securing and locking away all firearms that have been unsecured in the past, as well as having familiarity and properly trained caregivers is absolutely not gatekeeping, but rather a responsible effort to prioritize their daughter’s well-being.” 

Furthermore, Mai’s attorneys argue the filing “is not an attempt to restrict” Jeezy’s access to their child. 

“These requests are grounded in Ms. Jenkins’ genuine concern for the parties’ daughter’s safety and security,” the pleading continued. “Especially when under the care of others and traveling across the country, and are reasonable protective measures.”  

Jeezy filed for divorce in September after two years of marriage. Last month, he asked the court to address temporary custody. The rapper claimed their previously agreed schedule was “becoming increasingly less feasible.” 

According to Jeezy’s filing, “the lack of consistency, continuity and stability” in the schedule is stressful to their daughter. He also alleged Mai is “causing confusion and tension between the parties and is working to stifle the development” between Jeezy and their child.  


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