Kalan.FrFr Taps Detroit’s Own Tay B For “Don’t Move” Video


Kalan.FrFr creates music with a therapeutic quality that snaps people out of the matrix and reminds them that there is still so much living to do.

“Don’t Move” featuring rising rapper Tay B is the second single off his latest EP Not Hard 2 Understand. The project is a special body of work that relishes in how simple the message should be. Kalan.FrFr doesn’t apologize for the ways street culture shaped his worldview but he celebrates it in sincere detail and delivers it with confidence and pride, showcasing his growth as an artist and young man. 

Directed by BenMarc, the music video for “Don’t Move” gives viewers a cinematic glimpse into Kalan.FrFr’s popstar world that begins with the west coast artist backstage at a show before entertaining a packed-out crowd. From there, its quick clips of the duo trading verses in garage parking lots, while cruising the L.A. streets pushing a Maybach truck on hydraulics and generous strip club scenes. They match the energy of the collaboration including the song’s bouncy 808 beat.

Kalan.FrFr doesn’t shy away from highlighting rap’s superficiality or extravagance; he embraces it and turns it into a movie. His big dawg status is emphasized in every frame; from a fleet of exotic cars, models and dancers to icy drip, stacks of cash and celebrity cameos, the boastful lyricist is on a quest to live life beyond limits. 

“Don’t Move” was produced by longtime collaborators Diego Ave, Chambers and George Jenkins and continues in Kalan’s tradition of trying to keep West Coast music alive. Meanwhile choosing Tay B for a collab during his ascent was a smart move as we hear the Detroit rapper’s next album is being executive produced by Lil Baby.

About the Cali-Mid, West collab, Kalan says “Working with Tay B was so dope, he’s the homie & bro rap fire; it was written! We didn’t have a choice but to make a banger “


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