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Katt Williams Talks “Friday 4” & “Epstein Island” Chris Tucker

Katt Williams lit the internet on fire with his sitdown interview on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast. The über-viral episode included Williams discussing a potential addition to the Friday film franchise.

Screenwriter/producer Ice Cube and director F. Gary Gray created a comedy classic with 1995’s Friday. Next Friday arrived in 2000 followed by Friday After Next two years later. Katt Williams starred in the second sequel as Money Mike.

Shannon Sharpe asked Williams if he would be willing to do another Friday movie. According to the 52-year-old comedian, there have been conversations about making a Friday 4. He also revealed some interesting news about his possible contributions.

“Cube already asked me to write it. I was supposed to have been writing it. This is what these guys are mad about,” Katt Williams stated. Earlier in the interview, the former Wild ‘n Out cast member accused Rickey Smiley of lying about saying he almost had the role of Money Mike.

Chris Tucker Catches A Stray During Katt Williams’s Explosive Interview

Katt Williams also told Shannon Sharpe, “We lost some great people before this movie [Friday 4] could come out, regardless. So yes, there desperately needs to be one. But we miss John Witherspoon in a way that can’t really be quantified. And the Chris Tucker we got now is ‘Epstein Island’ Chris Tucker.”

The first Friday featured Chris Tucker playing the iconic Smokey. Tucker did not return for Next Friday or Friday After Next. The late John Witherspoon played Willie Jones in all three Friday motion pictures. Witherspoon passed away in 2019 at the age of 77.

Katt Williams also claimed that Chris Tucker did not want to be the “poster child” for smoking marijuana like his Smokey character. The World War III stand-up comedian said, “[Chris Tucker] don’t smoke weed like that. He’s in the church. He was Michael Jackson’s best friend… Michael Jackson called him ‘Christmas.’ You ever met a man that gave you a little nickname like that?”

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