Lil Nas X Faces More Criticism From Lecrae For “Mocking Jesus”


Lecrae is the latest celebrity to share his thoughts on Lil Nas X’s “Christian era” promotional tactics. The Christian recording artist voiced his opinion on X (formerly Twitter).

Lil Nas X released his “J Christ” single on Friday (January 12). The Columbia Records-backed song’s official music video features the Grammy winner dressed as biblical figures Jesus Christ and Noah.

“Okay, I gotta admit Lil Nas is playing with fire mocking Jesus,” Lecrae tweeted. “He’s getting the attention he wants from folks at the risk of searing his conscious.”

The No Church in a While album creator also posted, “Still if God can transform King Neb, [murderers], slave masters, sex workers, etc., he can add another Blasphemer to the list.”

Lecrae joined other Christian social media users who have criticized Lil Nas X in recent weeks. For example, professional boxer Ryan Garcia called the openly gay performer’s antics “disrespectful” and “disturbing” in a now-deleted tweet.

Popular Twitch streamer/YouTuber Kai Cenat expressed his hatred for Lil Nas. Cenat told his audience, “He disrespected God himself. He disrespected the whole culture.”

Lil Nas X has dismissed the criticism directed his way. He previously tweeted, “Jesus’s image is used throughout history in people’s art all over the world. I’m not making fun of s###. Y’all just gotta stop trying to gatekeep a religion that was here before any of us were even born. [Shut the f### up].”


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