Logic’s Shirtless “DadBod” Dance Leads Fans To Cancel Him


Logic evidently has no shame. Last week, a July performance from the former Def Jam Recordings artist started making the rounds online. In the clip, he rips off his shirt, revealing his “less-than-fit” upper body. He also seems to mimic a signature move from Ice Spice as he bends over and gyrates his hips.

While the emboldened act was intended to go along with the song he was performing, the aptly titled “DadBod,” social media was ruthless in its reception. Fans are now calling for Logic to be “canceled” immediately. Not long after the video was shared on Instagram and Twitter, comments like “cancel this man expeditiously” and “on behalf of the whites, you guys can keep this guy he’s not one of us” began littering the posts.

Some fans found the oddest part of the video to be the moment Logic sticks his finger in his belly button then sniffs it. As one person asked, “Did I just watch him finger swipe his g####?” while another demanded, “Man delete this s###.”

Logic has been the target of online ridicule for years. More recently, he was dragged from here to his hometown of Gaithersburg, Maryland for his cover of Ice Cube’s “It Was A Good Day.” For more than two minutes, he sings the G-Funk classic like he’s performing at a pretentious jazz lounge for hipsters. He ends the clip with a smile and the words, “That’s pretty authentic.” While one person attempted to defend Logic, others quickly came for his Hip-Hop card.

“Logic is half white, half black,” one person wrote. “There should have been some sort of internal conversation between both of those halves where one side explained how wrong this is to the other. It’s like watching someone club a baby seal. Just wrong.”

Ice Cube’s own son, O’Shea Jackson, weighed in after someone said the “Kim” line was cringy. He replied, “Bruh it made you cringe and that’s not yo moms. Lmfaooooo.” [Jackson’s mother is Kimberly Woodruff, Ice Cube’s wife.] But, there were more people concerned about his use of the “N” word. Although Logic has always claimed to be bi-racial, most agree he doesn’t get a pass.


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