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Non-Spoiler Review: Kevin Hart’s “Lift” Is An Exciting, Familiar Ride

Lift is a Netflix heist comedy movie set to release on January 12th, directed by F. Gary Gray and written by Daniel Kunka. Kevin Hart stars in the lead role and also serves as a producer.

By Patrick Nereé

The film centers around Kevin Hart as Cyrus, a skilled master thief, and his team of specialists. They are forced to carry out a $100 million heist mid-flight after one of their members is captured in the film’s opening act. The mission is critical to prevent a terrorist attack.

In my opinion, the movie’s heart lies in its characters. While it includes typical elements of a heist film, the characters’ charisma and their portrayal stand out. The plot may be somewhat predictable until the final act, where the film shines. Things escalate when their cover is blown during the heist, leading to non-stop action and a clever bait-and-switch ending. Billy Magnussen provides much of the comic relief, while Kevin Hart emerges as a composed and capable leader.

The primary antagonist is Abby, an Interpol agent played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw, who is also Cyrus’s (Hart’s) ex-girlfriend and love interest. As the film progresses, Abby sees Kevin in his element and begins to regain her affection for him. She realizes that his motives are more altruistic than she initially thought, which leads to a change of heart. The tension peaks in the final act when she is betrayed by her own boss, complicating the mission further.

Overall, Lift effectively blends humor and action. Kevin Hart shows his versatility by moving away from forced laughs or goofy antics, unlike some of his earlier films. He acts as the emotional anchor of the team, engaging the audience in the story.

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