Playboi Carti Arrested In Romania?


Playboi Carti fans will have to wait until further notice for an update on his Antagonist Tour—and apparently a confirmation on whether he’s a free man.

On Twitter (X) earlier this week, unconfirmed rumors began to swirl that Carti had been arrested in Romania. While there’s been no official word yet on Carti’s status, ticket holders for his upcoming tour began receiving emails breaking the news that the tour had been postponed. Every date in the set has also been marked as “TBD (to be determined)” at this point as well. Coincidentally, the same day the unsubstantiated rumors broke, footage from Playboi Carti’s 2022 arrest also surfaced and began taking over social media.

Several fans have pointed out that some of the initial reports of Playboi Carti’s Romania arrest surfaced from spoof pages and have also suggested that it’s all a reference to Travis Scott’s UTOPIA song “TIL FURTHER NOTICE.” The tour postponement appears to be real though.

If you’ll recall, Playboi Carti already postponed the tour last September, just before it was set to kick off in Denver. And now, once again, just days from a scheduled date in Dublin, news of the postponement rolls in. As a result, fans are worried we won’t received the follow-up to his 2020 Whole Lotta Red album this year either despite recent releases such as “backr00ms” featuring Scott.

Check out the thread below for more theories.


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