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Rubi Rose Thanks DDG For Helping Her Get A Bag

Rubi Rose has made peace with her ex-boyfriend DDG and is even opening up about their previous relationship dynamic.

In a recent podcast interview, Rose spoke briefly about her time dating DDG and appeared to be fully supportive of his new path in life with partner Halle Bailey. However, in the process of congratulating her former beau on his newborn baby, Halo, she revealed DDG was actually the one who nudged her to start her OnlyFans career. Bro was really practicing being a “daddy” before actually being one.

“I started OnlyFans in 2020 during COVID, during the pandemic,” she said in part. “My ex did it, DDG he started it first—and he told me to do it.”

Rose went on to explain she has no hard feelings toward DDG and is happy for him as he enters into fatherhood, which he’s apparently been anticipating.

“I love children and he’s been wanting a child so congratulations to him,” she said.

It’s no wonder Rose was as chill as a cucumber when asked about DDG because at the end of the day, he helped her get a bag. She literally has OF fans spending upward of $90,000 on the platform with her. 

Check out the clip in full below for more details.

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