SIGNS: Is New York City Sinking?


Have you seen what is going on in New York City? It is crazy! Check these out:

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Or this!

For the longest time, there has been a rumor that New York City is sinking. You know Manhattan is an island, right? People have started these tall tales way before my time, but they gain traction when disaster strikes. And disaster struck! New York is currently in a state of emergency.

On Friday morning, Governor Kathy Hochul of New York declared a state of emergency in New York City, and surrounding areas like Long Island, and the Hudson Valley. They are experiencing severe, record-breaking flooding. They are telling people to stay home.

The govenenor said, “This weather event presents significant challenges and is indeed life-threatening. I implore all New Yorkers to take this warning seriously to ensure their safety.” The New York City Fire Department saved people dealing with flooding in six basements. A sealion got out of one of those New York zoos, becauses the water raised up so high!

But…is the city sinking?

New York City is not sinking in the sense of being pulled underwater. Some parts, especially those parts built on landfill and lower-lying areas, are vulnerable to sea-level rise and flooding due to climate change.

Sea-level rise is a global issue resulting from the melting of polar ice caps and the thermal expansion of seawater as the planet warms. This is a man-made thing! This rise in sea levels can lead to increased flooding and erosion along coastal areas. New York City, with its extensive coastline, is at risk.

New York has tried to combat this by building seawalls, raising buildings, and improving drainage systems, but clearly, it ain’t working!

NY is crazy!

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