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Terms and Conditions

1. Primary Terms and definitions in rules.

– Resource: This web site is located at the address: //, along with iOS, Android, Windows mobile/Windows Phone-based mobile applications, maintained by the Resource Administration and representing communication platform for posting of Nigerian Music, Videos and updates.

– Register entry/account — an electronic User area within functional system of the Resource, with a help of which he/she is able to manage his/her account on the Resource.

2. General provisions

– The Resource Administration offers to the User services related to the use of Resource for the posting of musics.

– only promotes Nigerian Musics and as such, does not sale mmusic.

– These Rules have been developed by the Administration; they determine the terms and conditions, as well as the rights and obligations of its Users.

– These Rules shall be a legally binding agreement between the User and the Administration.

– The User shall comprehensively familiarize himself/herself with these Rules prior to logging-in to the website. User logging is either by filling of appropriate forms on a registration page, or by means of entering via a social network.
– These Rules can be changed and/or amended by the  Administration unilaterally without any prior specific notice. These Rules shall represent an open publicly available document. The Resource Administration advises the User regularly to check terms and conditions of the Rules for any alterations and/or amendments.

3. Statuses of the Users

– User’s logging is free of charge, voluntary, and can be carried out through the address on the Internet: //
– During registration to, the User shall provide necessary veridical and current information for the purpose of generation of User account, which includes each User’s unique login (email address), and a Resource password, as well as his/her surname and name. Registration Form may ask the User to provide more detailed information.

– The User shall be responsible for authenticity, completeness and statutory compliance of information he/she provides.

– During registration the User shall acknowledge these Rules and undertake all rights and responsibilities specified herein in relation to the use and functioning of the website.

– Login and password selected by the User shall be necessary and sufficient information for getting access to the website. The User shall not be entitled to hand over his/her login and password to any third party.  The User may permit to store his/her login and password (with a use of cookies files) on the used hardware and software for further automated authorization.
4. Terms and conditions of posting of musics by the User before promotion by administration

– The User shall be entitled to post musics upon his/her registration/authorization by filing of an appropriate form.

– The User shall be entitled to use fee-based services in order to promote his/her musics.

– The User shall be entitled to submit to the Administration documents confirming legitimacy of posting of music items. In such a case the Administration can encourage such Users by providing them with services of  promotion free of charge. The Administration determines the events and scope of provision of such services on its own.
– The User shall thoroughly check all information about music updates posted by him/her, and, in case of any incorrect information detected, add necessary data.
– The User is not allowed to post or distribute:

– false, misleading or deceitful information;
– disreputable, defamatory, threatening or harassing, improper, unacceptable information;
– discriminative information, or information that facilitates discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, nationality, invalidity, sexual orientation or age;
– information which violates these Rules;
– information which violates applicable laws and regulations (including, without limitation, those regulating export control, unfair competition);
– direct or indirect references to any other web sites, which comprise any content being able to violate these Rules;
– vulgar abusive language;
– advocacy of hate, violence, discrimination, racism, xenophobia, ethnic conflicts;
– appeals to violence and unlawful actions;
– information that facilitates fraud, deception or breach of faith;
– personal or identifying information about other persons without their express consent;
– information comprising data which may encroach on privacy right, abuse anybody’s honor, merit or business reputation;
– information comprising slander or threats directed against whosoever;
– information of pornographic nature;
– information which may inflict damage to under-ages;
– false or misleading information;
– references or information about websites competing with the Resource services;
– information representing “spam”, “chain letters”, “pyramids schemes” or undesirable or deceitful commercial advertising;
– information distributed by information agencies;
– information offering to earn over the Internet without employer’s actual address or direct contacts indicated;
– information of multistage and network marketing or any other activity, which requires recruiting of other members, subagents, sub-distributors, etc.

6 Intellectual rights condition

– Users must ensure that they own contents being posted on
– Violation of this right comes with a penalty, therefore users must ensure that they own the rights to post contents before they do.

7. Notification on the infringement of rights

–  If you are a holder of intellectual property rights or a person authorized to act in the name of a holder of intellectual property rights and you reasonably believe that information which is posted to the Resource someway infringes your intellectual property rights or intellectual property rights of a person, in which name you act, you may provide notification to the Resource Administration requiring to delete such material. In this regard you shall warrant that your appeal has a legal basis, and you act in good faith according to law.

8. Antispam policy

– These Rules strictly prohibit mailing out of undesirable advertisements via email, or of any other undesirable messages, or by means of the Resource. The Resource Administration may periodically control letters delivery within the Resource for spam mailouts.

9. Limitation of liability

– Any data downloaded or in any other way acquired by means of the Resource are created at each User’s discretion, and each User shall be fully responsible for any damages inflicted to the computer system or loss of data, which may arise as a result of downloading of any such data.
– Limitations and exclusion of liability against you shall be used to the fullest extent in accordance with the above slated Rules.