What the Grand Scheme Means


Gunna and Offset appear to have recently joined forces, however it’s unclear what exactly the encounter means in the grand scheme of things.

For starters, was it the powers that be or meticulous planning that brought the pair of Atlanta rappers together recently in Dubai? From the looks of it, it would appear it was somewhat of a combination of both considering they were both booked for appearances at Blu Oasis nightclub.

For the most part, all appeared to be well, despite one awkward video circulating of the pair standing on opposite sides of a room that was giving off this sort of a standoff-ish type. Aside from that, though a candid shot of Gunna pouring Offset a glass of champagne began circulating following the event, no additional details of their encounter hav spilled over to social media. Maybe if Gunna and Offset can let bygones be bygones, Lil Baby and the YSL rapper can possibly patch things up?

Check out the post below for another look at the pair during their recent link up.


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