Why Isn’t Lil Tjay’s Hair Growing? Fans Discuss


Lil Tjay’s dedication to maintaining his hair is baffling his fans, who seem to be convinced his locks aren’t growing—at all.

While the theory has long been percolating on social media, Twitter (X) users recently rehashed the New York rapper’s hair saga following his recent watch gifting moment with Polo G. It appears under the renewed spotlight, fans are noticing minimal gains in the length and or “hang time” of Tjay’s signature braids.

Since last month, fans have been roasting Tjay by sharing remarks such as “lil tjay hair been the same length since I was in middle school” and “Soon ima have more hair than Lil Tjay and his hair been like this since he started.”

Believe it or not Tjay previously spoke on the matter and seemingly revealed he’s at a loss himself for what to do in order to get his new growth sprouting regularly.

Check out the hilarious clip below.


Does Lil Tjay’s Hair Grow?🤣 @Lil Tjay #funny #music #rap #fyp #loadedlyricz

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