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6 After killed by the Empress, Mc reincarnated as her disciple, but as revenge he f*cked the empress

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Author: Maple July
Genre: Fantasy, Villain, System

Chu Xiu, from the blue star, came to the Sky Continent a century ago. He controlled the destiny villain system, defeating many holy children of the Sacred Land, becoming unmatched among his peers. Eventually, he was surrounded and killed by the elder strongmen, self-destructing and reborn as a disciple of Yunxia Peak, taking over Taisu Sacred Land. This time, he decided to cultivate in secret, aiming to become a revered holy son. Qi Mengdie, the master of Yunxia Peak, a powerful Great Saint Realm figure, found herself controlled by Chu Xiu, a defector, from Cultivation Base, becoming his training vessel. She longed to break free from this shadowy existence, to resist, to defeat the defectors, and to cleanse the domain. Six months later, Qi Mengdie wondered, “Why hasn’t the defector come to enhance his skills today?” A year later, “Why hasn’t the defector appeared? Do they disdain me due to my age?” Two years later, unable to contain herself, Qi Mengdie called Chu Xiu. Chu Xiu appeared repulsed. Finally, the enraged Qi Mengdie confronted the public, revealing Chu Xiu’s true nature. “Chu Xiu is a defector. He commits all kinds of evil and has a wicked heart. He is not the esteemed Son of God in your thoughts. If you doubt me, behold my stomach.”

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