Blessing Essien Secures Move To Caracas FC In Three-Year Deal


Nigerian midfielder Blessing Essien has completed a transfer to Venezuelan club Caracas FC, signing a three-year contract.

The talented 19-year-old’s move follows successful negotiations between his former club, Dino Sporting Club, and Caracas FC.

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The official announcement from Dino Sporting Club expressed satisfaction with the concluded transfer, highlighting the positive collaboration between the two clubs.

The three-year contract is seen as a significant opportunity for Essien to continue his football development in South America.

Dino Sporting Club, in their statement, shared the excitement about the agreement reached with Caracas FC, emphasizing the potential for Essien to further his career and contribute to the Venezuelan club’s ambitions.

The midfielder gained recognition for his impressive performances in Dino Sporting Club’s Jagaban Cup outing last year and his ongoing contributions in the TCC League.

Blessing Essien’s addition to Caracas FC’s squad is expected to bring depth and skill, enhancing the team’s competitiveness, particularly in their pursuit of success in the prestigious Copa Libertadores.

The move represents a pivotal moment in Essien’s young career as he embarks on a new chapter in Venezuelan football.

The midfielder’s journey to South America showcases the increasing global reach and exchange of talent in the world of football, with young African players finding opportunities to showcase their skills on diverse footballing stages.

Essien’s move to Caracas FC marks another step in this trend, highlighting the potential for talent development and collaboration across continents in the sport.

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