Broad City’s Coach Ogunmoyero Oluwaseun Lauds Stellar Team Performance and TCC’s Positive Impact


In an exclusive interview with Sports247, Broad City’s head coach, Ogunmoyero Oluwaseun, shared his insights on his team’s outstanding performance in the TCC league.

Currently perched at the top of the TCC table after six games, Broad City is making waves and shows no signs of slowing down.

Coach Oluwaseun expressed his pride in the team’s remarkable performance, highlighting the significance of their achievements not only for himself but for the entire organization, including the technical crew, management team, fans, and even the players’ families and well-wishers. He emphasized the importance of the platform provided by Broad City FC and the players’ commitment and dedication to making the most of this opportunity.

Coach Oluwaseun’s admiration for the players’ dedication and loyalty to the team was evident as he praised their outstanding performance since the beginning of the season.

He noted that their efforts had exceeded his expectations, and he couldn’t be prouder of their top-notch performance.

Speaking about the Creative Championship league (TCC), Coach Oluwaseun had nothing but praise for the league, highlighting its excellent organization, schedule of matches, and officiating. He commended the management team of TCC, the organizing committees, and the sponsors for creating a platform that has truly been a boon for young talents. He emphasized how the league had facilitated the progress of promising players, such as Agbalaka and Akinsanmiro, and enabled them to embark on successful journeys in their football careers.

Coach Oluwaseun expressed his enthusiasm for the development of young talent, a fundamental aspect of his coaching philosophy. He underscored the importance of players growing in strength, performance, and talent. He attributed these advancements to the conducive atmosphere provided by the TCC league, acknowledging the absence of calamities and disruptions throughout the season. He praised the league for nurturing the growth and development of players.

Looking to the future, Coach Oluwaseun shared his aspirations for the team and the players. He articulated his desire to see the players develop further and attain new heights in their careers. He envisaged their progression from TCC to higher levels, such as the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL), and even reaching international leagues like La Liga or Serie A. His ultimate goal was for the players to represent their country at various national levels, from the U-17 and U-20 teams to the Super Eagles.

In conclusion, Coach Ogunmoyero Oluwaseun’s interview exuded pride, optimism, and a strong commitment to the development and success of his team and players. His vision for Broad City and its players is a testament to the dedication and passion that drives football coaches to nurture talent and propel their teams to greater heights.

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