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Dry Bones – Abbey Ojomu Mp3 Download

Anointed female Nigerian Gospel music minister, songwriter, prophetic minstrel, and recording artiste, Ojomu Abiodun professionally known as Abbey Ojomu, unveils a powerful new single with well-detailed lyrics and a music video titled, “Dry Bones.”

The song, drawing deeply from her personal journey and spiritual revelation, is infused with a profound sense of purpose and faith through soul-stirring composition, melodic melodies and poignant lyrics.

Offering her thoughts on the song, Abbey says; “This is a musical expression inspired by the timeless scripture in Ezekiel 37:1-10, vividly capturing the essence of hope and revival.”

Her mandate, as she passionately conveys, is “to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth through the spoken word, the power of prayer, and the captivating influence of songs.”

She is an accomplished songwriter, psalmist, and the esteemed convener of the Glory of God Conference and QAVAH, and hails from Lagos State, specifically the Ibeju-Lekki local government area.

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Mp3 Download

Lyrics: Dry Bones By Abbey Ojomu

Verse 1:

The word of the Lord
(la parole du seigneur)
To Ezekiel the prophet
(à Ezéchiel le prophète)
Son of man can this bones live again
(fils de l’homme, ces os peuvent-ils revivre)

Verse 2:

Oh dry bones
(oh os secs)
Thus saith the Lord
(ainsi parle le seigneur)
This day you are covered with flesh
(ce jour tu es couvert de chair)

Verse 3:

Suddenly there was a shaking and noise
(Soudain, il y eut une secousse et du bruit)
Bone came back to bone
(L’os est revenu à l’os)
All covered in flesh
(Tout couvert de chair)
Yes dry bones live again
(Oui, les os secs revivent)
Dry bones live again
(Les os secs revivent) (2x)


Dry bone shall rise again
(Les os secs remonteront)
Dry bones shall rise again
(Les os secs remonteront)


I need us to be prophetic in this room
(J’ai besoin que nous soyons prophétiques dans cette pièce)
I need us to prophesy
(J’ai besoin qu’on prophétise)
Scriptures says and I prophesied as the lord commanded
(Les Écritures disent et j’ai prophétisé comme le Seigneur l’a ordonné)
Suddenly there was a shaking and rattling
(Soudain, il y eut un tremblement et un cliquetis)

Bone began to come back to bone
(Les os ont commencé à redevenir des os)

All you need is the word of the lord
(Tout ce dont tu as besoin c’est de la parole du seigneur)
Has the lord spoken a word
(Le seigneur a-t-il dit un mot)
Can you begin to prophesy
(Peux-tu commencer à prophétiser)
Dry bones are rising up now
(Les os secs remontent maintenant)

Speak to this dry bones
(Parle à ces os secs)
And the word of the lord came to Ezekiel
(Et la parole du seigneur fut adressée à Ezéchiel)
Son of man can this bone live again
(Fils de l’homme, cet os peut-il revivre)
Child of God there’s a power that is at work in you
(Enfant de Dieu, il y a une puissance qui est à l’œuvre en toi)


Impossibilities become possible
(Les impossibilités deviennent possibles)

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