EFF reacts to Mama Winnie's death


[FULL INTERVIEW] The EFF’s Floyd Shivambu reacts to the passing of #WinnieMandela. Courtesy #DStv403


  1. Winnie Mandela: The Woman Who Made Racism A Beast That Bowed At Her Feet
    By Sisonke Msimang

    In 1990, when #winnienomzamomadikizelamandela finally toured America, she caused a stir. She made no pretenses about her commitment to Black people in America. While her the husband Nelson Mandela spoke like a statesman, Winnie spoke like a real woman. In a speech in Brooklyn, she explained, "We share with you the pain of racism," she said. "That's why we identify so greatly with you. We speak a common language, the language of the oppressed.” #essencedotcom #sisonkemsimang #Amandla #Ubuntu

  2. Mama Winnie…..all the way from Jamaica I am missing you. My heart is going through so much for you. Well done Mama Winnie well done, the baton is passed on. You will be in our hearts always.

  3. White people have the nerve to come here and defy our Struggle Icon. Oh I know their prefer black puppets. Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Lekota and Musi Maimane.Fortunately Mama Winnie falls under the category of Steve Biko, Chris Hani, Solomon Mahlangu and Robert Sobukwe all whom they defyed and killed.

  4. Well white people never loved Winnie. I know why.Winnie believed white people orchestrated this freedom and had not repent… She was number 1 target of white, including Chris Hani, Robert Sobukwe and Steve Biko.

  5. If we are carrying Matches and burning tyres we are not children's of Mama Winnie. Winnie was a rock. Winnies was fearless, Winnie was cheeky and Winnie was full of energy. I personally would be burning tyres to honour Winnies struggle.

  6. ANOTHER KILLER BITES THE DUST…Stompie may you and the other 2000 (all black South Africans) who died at her and her soccer gang hangs have eternal rest. She escaped justice on earth but not in front of God. She killed you with petrol and tyres in Soweto but she will experience God's eternal flames of Hell

  7. We demand the Chris Hani burial style not the Nelson Mandela burial style.
    Ngumntu omkhulu loo for ungcwatyelwa emacaleni ententeni not in Stadium.

    Every 1 must attend the funeral. Nam ndiphaaaaaaaa!!! Izwe Lethu Ma'Africa!!!!!

    POQO yindoda


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