Gombe: Dankwambo requests suspension of his monthly pension, allowances 


A former governor of Gombe state, Ibrahim Dankwambo, has written to the governor of the state, Muhammadu Yahaya, requesting the suspension of his monthly pension and allowances.

The letter dated 4 October, 2023, cites a variety of reasons for this unexpected move.

Dankwambo  referred to a previous correspondence dated 28 September, 2023, where he had discussed issues related to the security allowance for former governors.

He also referred to correspondences from Governor Yahaya dated 14 June 2019, and the Executive Pension Act of 2007, as amended.

In the letter, Dankwambo stated that he had engaged with various stakeholders, including civil society organisations (CSOs), integrity Institutions, friends, and associates on the matter. 

He decided to put his pension and allowances on hold and make a refund as deemed appropriate.

The former governor requested the suspension of his monthly pension and allowance, which he said is N694, 557.82.

Dankwambo said since he departed from office in 2019, he has not collected any welfare package such as medical, furniture, transportation, or any other benefits typically extended to former governors.

The post-tenure pension and allowances given to former governors have caused outrage among Nigerians, many of whom consider the often huge resources allocated to them as a waste of scarce resources. 

Apart from Dankwambo, other former governors such as Gbenga Daniel, a former governor of Ogun State and Peter Obi, a former governor of Anambra State stated that they have never collected pension nor allowances since they left office and had advocated for such payment to be discontinued.

In 2020, the Kwara state government revoked the law awarding pensions to former governors of the state.

In 2021 the Lagos state House of Assembly reduced the pension to former governors of the state by 50 per cent. (Premium Times) 


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