Johnny Cash and the Carter sisters – A song to mama lyrics (Dear mama)


Dedicated to mother Maybelle Carter


  1. My dear grandmother died away from this world in on the very beautiful Saturday on middle pf the day, it was a really beautiful day on that day, when my very dear grandmother died away from this stupid world, which killed her in to her bed.

  2. Used to hear this song on Sundays on the radio as I sat between mom and dad going to Fostoria, Ohio where dad commuted to pastor at St. Paul. When it stopped playing over the years I would still sing it about my mom. She's gone now nearly 2 years. Thank you for sharing this song. It brings back memories of my mama.

  3. Has it always been about a sweet revenge. Make someone secure , easy going and content in loneliness, and see if you can attach , " Love sick and lornful . Mission accomplished. Strike 3. I'm out, Never struck out my entire life, You all beat me, I guess in life, "there is a first for everything. You win!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I will not say a goodbye to my family a third time, My young grandchildren ' s crying "is a little to much for this old boys heart to take again. So unless, "you all gather, "at the river, "the beautiful , "the beautiful river. LOL LOL , AND PULL INTO, "MY DAM DRIVEWAY, "COUNT ME AS GONE, " For sanity reasons, "as a self preservation tactic, "and just in case she does come a. ecallin, "have to have some hide left. Never wanted it to go this far. When I said all along, That there was more then one way to skin a cat, I didn't think you all took it so literal. Please SPEAK now or forever hold your piece


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