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Join A Football Academy In Italy

Join a football academy in Italy is one of the top recommendations given by football enthusiast because youth development is a major tenet of many of the top clubs Italy. We’ve examined some of the top football academies in Italy and provided details on how to join a football academy in Italy.

Do you have a burning desire for football? Do you have aspirations of living a life of sports and becoming a professional athlete? Or do you want to play football professionally in Italy, keep reading to find out how to enroll in an Italian football academy.

How Do I Join A Football Academy In Italy?

You need talent, work ethic, and the greatest training possible to become a professional football player. Because of this, aspiring football players are initially mentored, trained, and developed in a football academy before they go pro.

Best Youth Football Academies In Italy

S/N Football Academies
1 Juventus Youth Academy
2 Inter Milan Youth Academy
3 AC Milan Youth Academy
4 Napoli Youth Academy
5 AS Roma Youth Academy
6 Lazio Youth Academy
7 Fiorentina Youth Academy
8 Atalanta Youth Academy

Below are the best youth football academies in Italy;

Juventus Youth Academy:

Juventus is regarded as the most successful Italian team, having won the most Serie A championships overall. Alessandro Del Piero, Moise Kean, Ciro Immobile, Paolo Rossi, and other notable players have come out of Juventus’ top-ranked academy, which is among the best in the world.

Divisions At Juventus Youth Academy

Under-19, Under-17, Under-16, Under-15, Under-13, Under-12, Under-11, Under-10, Under-9, Under-8, and Under-7 are the 11 squads that make up Juventus Youth Sector.

The aim of Juventus Academy is to spread the team’s principles, practices, and ideals to as many young people as possible. The Academy offers both educational instruction and the teaching and development of football abilities, supporting young players as they mature from being introduced to the game to playing competitively. No matter the participants’ skill level, all programs are accessible, and the activities are designed with consideration for their physical and emotional health.

Location of Juventus Youth Academy

Every continent and more than 50 countries are home to the Juventus Youth Academy.

Contact Details of Juventus Academy

Phone number (+39)
Website: https://www.juventus.com/en/academy

Inter Milan Youth Academy

Inter Milan also has a strong academy that has historically produced excellent players and continues to do so now. The mission of Inter Academy is to make the expertise, innovation, and training excellence of FC Internazionale Milano available to anyone wishing to enter, advance through, or establish themselves in the world of football and sport in general, with the goal of developing a new generation of talent on and off the field.

Based on a process of transferring technological know-how, Inter Academy is a medium-long term program. It is intended to produce high-level, specialized training for young athletes (boys and girls from 3 to 17 years old, with a dedicated Pre-School Program).

Location of Inter Milan Academy

Inter Milan have Football Schools in several countries that are committed to teaching the next generation of soccer players.

Contact Details Of Inter Milan Youth Academy

Inter Milan Academy can be reached via:
Phone at +39 02 77151,
Fax at +39 02 781514, or by
Email at [email protected].
official website is https://www.inter.it/en/interacademy

AC Milan Youth Academy

The Rossoneri, popularly known as AC Milan, are one of Italy’s biggest clubs. The team is renowned for having a strong academy that has produced some of football’s biggest stars.

The top three appearance makers in club history, Paolo Maldini, Franco Baresi, and Alessandro Costacurta, as well as several players who have recently succeeded in breaking into the Serie A regular lineup, were all products of the AC Milan Youth Academy.

Young soccer players between the ages of 8 and 18 can enroll in a variety of training programs at the AC Milan academy. They have academies around the world and provide services for soccer schools.

Location Of AC Milan Youth Academy

Although the Primavera team trains in Milanello with the first team, the Academy’s training facilities are located at the Centro Sportivo Vismara (Vismara Sports Centre), a 57-acre (230,000 m2) facility in Gratosoglio, Milan.

Contact Details Of AC Milan Youth Academy

Email: [email protected]
Website: Acmilan.com

Napoli Youth Academy:

The Football Club is renowned for its outstanding academy. Napoli Youth Academy is in charge of managing all the teams registered by SSC Napoli into their youth leagues that is governed by the Italian FIGC for various National and International competitions.

The academy’s mission is to develop young players so they can join the professional football scene and build a talent pool from which the first team can draw from.

AS Roma Youth Academy

AS Roma football school is the centerpiece of the club’s academy. It is established for children aged 6 to 13.

The primary goal of the AS Roma Football School is to develop the next generation of AS Roma players by giving them the best possible learning environment, one that strives for excellence in a professional, competitive, and enjoyable environment and offers a clear path to the game’s highest levels in a free-to-play program at all levels.

Some of the players who have graduated from the AS Roma academy include Francesco Totti, who holds the club record for appearances, Agostino Di Bartolomei, Giuseppe Giannini, Daniele De Rossi, and Alessandro Florenzi.

Locations of the AS Roma Academy/Football School

The academy is in Italy, Quito (Ecuador), Abuja (Nigeria), and New York (United States).

Contact Details Of AS Roma Academy

Website: AsRoma.com
Email: [email protected]

Lazio Youth Academy:

One of the best clubs in Italy is SS Lazio, renowned for its outstanding football academy. Lazio Youth Academy works to improve young players’ technical, tactical, and physical-athletic skills in order to get them to play for the Capital’s first team.

The academy’s mission is to develop young players and integrate them into the first team squad by first encouraging the youngsters to consider a career in football and then assisting them in improving as players.

Contact Details Of Lazio Youth Academy

Email: [email protected]
Fax: +39 06/,
Website Lazio.com

Fiorentina Youth Academy

ACF Fiorentina has one of the top youth academy in Italy which mentors young players into becoming professional footballers.

Location of Fiorentina Youth Academy

The club operates a football school, a sports-focused scientific lyceum with headquarters in Florence.

The structure of Fiorentina School allows students who participate in sports to complete their studies, fulfill their sporting obligations, and enjoy their spare time while still earning a high school diploma.

Contact Details of Fiorentina Youth Academy

Phone No: +39 338 3214924
Email: [email protected]
Website: Fiorentina.com.

Atalanta Youth Academy

Young athletes between the ages of 15 and 18 can participate in football training programs at the Atlanta Youth Academy. Young players are of great interest to Atalanta, and the club provides them with the chance to train with its coaches for a whole season through its academy. This gives kids and their families a chance to learn about the system that has helped the club’s youth program become one of the most significant in all of Europe.

The club also operates a football academy where young people can study under adult supervision and receive the training necessary to play professionally in the future.

Contact Details For Atalanta Youth Academy

Website: atalanta.com

How To Join A Football Academy In Italy

While requirements differ from club to club, we have detailed the processes to enter an Italian football academy. The procedures for enrolling in or applying to any Italian football academy are listed below.

  1. Create a Soccer CV: This should include your name, date of birth, nationality, weight, height, preferred playing position, past clubs or school teams you have played for, as well as any awards or tournaments you have competed in.
  2. Get the required paperwork, including copies of your most recent report card. International students from non-English-speaking nations are required to take the IELTS or TOEFL.
  3. Search For An Italian Football Academy: Pick up and complete your preferred youth football academy application form. Depending on the academy, you can complete this either online or offline, then submit it.
  4. Get a Coach’s Recommendation: You will be required to provide a letter of recommendation from your most recent football coach or school sports instructor, either as part of your application or separately.
  5. Apply for A Visa: If you’re invited or chosen for tryouts, do your homework to determine what kind of visa you’ll need to travel with and learn how to apply for one. Once your visa has been accepted, let your football academy know and start planning your trip.
  6. Attend tryouts and dazzle coaches and scouts: You must be a scout’s recommendation in order to play for or be chosen by major Italian clubs like Inter Milan or Napoli. Attend open day tryouts and showcase your skills; if chosen, you will be handed an official letter. The academy will undoubtedly provide you with additional information if your tryouts are successful.

Please be aware that the processes listed above are merely a general outline on how to proceed with your pursuit to join an Italian football academy.

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Why Should I Join A Football Academy In Italy?

  1. The majority of people are born with the fundamentals of football, but a football academy helps bring out the best in you. Even if you have a natural ability for the game, a football academy will educate you how to work with others and hone your skills so they are marketable.
  2. Football Academies create opportunities for you to learn, grow, and gain knowledge of the game, but most importantly, they give you the chance to showcase your talent to the world. You must demonstrate your football prowess and what you can bring to the table as a player in the academy.
  3. Football Academy will make your footballing goal a reality by teaching you how to play better and giving you the chance to show off your talent, both of which could lead to a breakthrough in your career. 90% of academy graduates also sign lucrative professional contracts with elite teams as a result of their exceptional accomplishments while still in the academy.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Join Youth Academies in Italy

Which Italian football academy is the best?

The leading Italian league clubs are the owners of the country’s finest football academies. The football clubs with the best academies in Italy are AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, Napoli, and Lazio. These academies who are easily accessible and dispersed throughout Italy, assist young talents in learning the game of football and developing into professional footballers in the future.

How much does an Italian football academy cost?

This varies from academy to academy, and the package you registered for also has an impact on the cost. While some academies demand a trial fee, others do not. The best approach to learn the price is to go to each academy’s website, or to get in touch with them by mail or phone to find out all the necessary prerequisites.

Can foreign students participate in football in Italy?

You’ve made a fantastic decision if you’re thinking of moving to Italy to continue your education and play football. Italy offers top-notch educational opportunities, and there are several programs geared specifically for students like you.

You can find organizations and programs open to overseas students in addition to football programs at universities and colleges all throughout the Italy. You should think about contacting teams directly depending on your academic standing, past experience, and skills.

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