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Lagos Restaurants Got Me Very Angry || Lasisi Elenu Rants

Have you been to a restaurant in Lagos before? Mention the restaurant and what you’d like to rant about in comment section.

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  1. Your experience is even better! I had lunch in a so called 5 star restaurant and the chicken 🍗 had obviously 🙄 ran a marathon! Cuz it was like stone! When I tried cutting it.. it literally flew to another table! I just pretended it wasn’t mine 🤦🏽‍♀️

  2. Jokes aside, my brother and I went into a Lagos restaurant and ordered for chicken. When it was placed before us we couldn’t get the knife into it. The fork actually bounced off it when I tried to hold it down for the planned carving job of the knife. End of the day, we rose from our seats and took our leave without eating the chicken. Whallahi, it’s a day I will never forget.


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