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Louis Edem Invitational Basketball Championship Tips Off in Surulere

The third edition of the Louis Edem Invitational Basketball Championship kicked off on Sunday, March 31st, at the indoor basketball court of the National Stadium in Surulere.

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The event, aimed at giving back to the basketball community, promises to foster the growth and development of the sport in Nigeria.

Louis Edem, the organizer of the championship, explained the motivation behind the initiative, stating, “It’s all about giving back to the basketball community.

I used to be a part of this basketball community, and I’ve been blessed.

And basketball is not really stable in Nigeria, so this is my own contribution to the basketball community.”

This year marks the third instalment of the championship, with Edem expressing a 10-year commitment to the event.

He highlighted plans to alternate between male and female tournaments, with the aim of promoting gender balance in the sport.

“We have a 10-year commitment, hopefully, to run it for 10 years.

This is the third one. We run it twice a year. This is the first instalment for this year.

Hopefully, the next one is going to be around six months from now or seven months.

We’re going to run the female. This is the male one. We only added the females to balance it out,” Edem explained.

Sixteen teams are participating in the championship, including both male and female teams drawn from various regions across Nigeria.

Edem noted the presence of international teams from Ghana, adding to the competitive atmosphere of the tournament.

Reflecting on the significance of the championship, Edem emphasized its role in developing professional basketball in Nigeria.

He highlighted the importance of providing opportunities for players to compete and earn, contributing to their skill development and financial stability.

“So this is not grassroots. This is developing professional basketball in Nigeria because they need to compete to earn, right? And they’re not competing.

So, if they can come out here and compete and get an opportunity to earn, it adds to their pockets. It develops basketball because, like I said, we have international teams, so the level of play is going to be high,” Edem stated.

The Louis Edem Invitational Basketball Championship spans seven days, providing a week-long platform for basketball enthusiasts and players to engage in thrilling matches and showcase their skills.

With a focus on promoting the sport and fostering talent, the championship aims to contribute to the growth of basketball in Nigeria.

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