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Napoli Academy Trials 2024 Application, Fees & Scholarships (Latest Update)

Joining the youth academy of a major football club like Napoli is the dream of many young players around the world. Getting a chance to train, develop and potentially make it as a professional footballer with one of the top clubs in Italy is an incredible opportunity. As the new season approaches, Napoli will be holding trials for their academy and youth teams. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to apply for the Napoli Academy trials in 2024, the selection process, fees and available scholarships.

Overview of Napoli Academy

The Napoli youth academy, known as Centro Sportivo Paradiso, is located in the San Giovanni a Teduccio area of Naples. It has 12 pitches including the main stadium that can accommodate around 3000 spectators. Napoli’s academy consists of various youth teams divided into age categories. The key teams are the Primavera, Allievi, Giovanissimi, Esordienti and Pulcini.

The Primavera under-19s participate in the Campionato Primavera league against other major Italian clubs. Napoli’s academy has a strong reputation for developing talented young footballers over the years. Their most famous graduate is Italy legend and record goal-scorer for the club, Lorenzo Insigne.

Napoli Academy Trials 2024:

The trials for Napoli’s academy teams are usually held around July each year before the new season begins. For 2024, the dates have yet to be confirmed but the trials are expected to occur in late June and July. Players are advised to check the official Napoli website and youth academy site regularly for announcements on the 2024 trial dates.

The trials will be held over a few days at the Centro Sportivo Paradiso training complex. Large numbers of aspiring young players take part each year from Naples, other regions of Italy and abroad. Participants are put through various technical drills and short match scenarios to assess their ability.

The Napoli scouts will look at factors like technique, passing, dribbling, shooting, movement, physical attributes and game intelligence. Stand out players may be selected for additional trials over the following weeks before final academy intake decisions are made.

Who Can Apply for Napoli’s Academy Trials?

The Napoli youth academy trials are open to players across different age groups in the Under 15, Under 16 and Under 17 brackets. To be eligible, players need to meet the following requirements:

  • Age – You must be within the age range for the youth team you are trialing for. Napoli has academy sides in the Under 15, Under 16 and Under 17 age categories.
  • Nationality – Both Italian and foreign players can apply for the trials.
  • Location – Players should be based within close proximity to Naples to make joining the academy feasible if selected.
  • Medical fitness – Players need to be medically fit with no injuries or conditions that prevent intensive training and playing.
  • Registration – Participants must properly register and provide all required personal documentation before the trials.
  • Skill level – Participants are expected to have good fundamental football skills and tactical understanding appropriate for elite youth level.

Registration Process for Napoli Trials

Players interested in the Napoli Academy trials in 2024 first need to register their application. Here are the steps:

Step 1 – Check Announcements

Keep checking the official Napoli and youth academy websites from April onwards for the trial dates and registration process. The announcements with full details are normally made in May or June.

Step 2 – Download Application Form

Once the announcements are made, you can download the registration forms from the Napoli youth academy website. The forms require you to provide personal information like your name, date of birth, address, family details, football experience, playing position, current team etc.

Step 3 – Complete Medical Exams

Participants must get a medical certificate confirming they are physically fit to take part in the demanding trials. This involves getting examined by a sports physician to check your general health and receive cardiac screening clearance.

Step 4 – Submit Documents

Submit the completed Napoli academy application form, valid ID proof, medical certificate and any other required documents before the given deadline. Applications are accepted online, by email or in-person at the academy office.

Step 5 – Confirmation

If your registration is approved, you will receive confirmation from the Napoli Academy with the dates and further instructions a week or so before the trials.

Napoli Academy Fees and Scholarships

Gaining admission into Napoli’s youth set-up is highly competitive. But cost should not be a barrier for talented young footballers who are accepted. Here are the typical fees and scholarship options:

  • Tuition Fees – The annual training fees for being part of Napoli’s Primavera, Allievi or youth teams is around €3,000-€5,000 per season. This covers specialized coaching, facilities, medical care etc.
  • Boarding – For players who live far from Naples, full boarding at the academy hostel costs approximately €6,000-€8,000 per year. This includes accommodation, meals, schooling and supervision.
  • Scholarships – Napoli provides scholarships and financial aid to help cover the tuition fees based on family income and need. They may cover 25%, 50%, 75% or full 100% grants.
  • Sponsorships – External brand sponsorships and football foundations connected to Napoli sometimes provide financial support to talented academy prospects from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Therefore, with available grants, top youth players should be able to join Napoli’s academy even if they lack the means to cover the normal costs.

If you are a young footballer who aspires to join Napoli’s prestigious academy, here is a step-by-step guide to give yourself the best shot at selection in 2023:

Step 1: Train Intensively This Season

The Napoli trials involve very high standards. Prepare for several months before the trials to improve your skills, fitness, tactical knowledge and mental sharpness. Join a club, play regularly and work hard at every training session.

Step 2: Eat Right and Rest Well

Follow a healthy diet packed with lean proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Hydrate well by drinking lot of water pre and post training. Get adequate sleep nightly for muscle recovery and cognitive sharpness.

Step 3: Register Early for Trials

As soon as the 2023 Napoli Academy trial dates are announced, register immediately during the initial registration period. Spots fill up fast so early registration improves your chances.

Step 4: Gather your Documents

Make sure to complete all the required registration formalities well in advance. Get your medical certificate, ID proof, football credentials and other documents in order.

Step 5: Know the Location and Schedule

Note down all the logistical details like the trial venue at Centro Sportivo Paradiso, dates, timing, list of things to carry etc so you are well prepared.

Step 6: Practice your Technique

In the weeks leading to the trails, work extensively on sharpening your technical skills like passing, shooting, dribbling, first touch etc. The drills at the trial will test these attributes.

Step 7: Work on Physical Strength

Build your fitness, speed, power, endurance and agility through a tailored training program. Follow strength and conditioning routines to get physically ready.

Step 8: Focus on your Weaknesses

Honestly assess your game to identify weaknesses. Put extra work into improving those problem areas so they don’t let you down at the trials.

Step 9: Get Scouting Feedback

Connect with coaches or players who have attended the Napoli trials before. Get their feedback and advice on how to prepare for the specific drills and assessments.

Step 10: Have the Right Mindset

Have confidence in your abilities but avoid arrogance. Show the selectors your passion, work ethic, coachability and determination throughout the trials.

Step 11: Perform on Trial Day

On the day of the trials, give it your best shot. Be focused, alert, energetic and competitive. Follow the instructors, be a team player and execute what you have prepared.


Earning a spot in Napoli’s prestigious youth academy is a coveted opportunity for any promising young footballer. The annual trials offer a pathway for talented players to gain entry into the club’s system and access world-class training to hone their skills.

The application and selection process is highly competitive, so prospective players need thorough preparation physically, technically and mentally. With rigorous training, continuous improvement and the right mindset, driven young players can maximize their chances of impressing the Napoli scouts.

Overcoming the challenges and intense assessments of the Napoli trials is demanding but rewarding. For the players who make the cut, the academy will sharpen their abilities and shape them into potential professional stars of the future. The trials represent both a test and a tremendous chance to don the blue jersey and write their own chapter in Napoli’s rich football heritage.

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