NWFL: Nkechi Obi Unveils Ambitious Plans for Women’s Football Development In Nigeria


Nkechi Obi, Chairperson of the Nigeria Women’s Football League (NWFL) has revealed an extensive roadmap for the growth and development of women’s football in the country.

Obi outlined a multifaceted approach that includes coaching programs, referees’ training, player development, media enhancement, and a sisterhood initiative known as “he for she.”

Speaking about the ongoing initiatives, Obi expressed a commitment to revolutionizing women’s football in Nigeria.

She emphasized the need to adopt global best practices and commercialize women’s football through innovative strategies.

The media development program, which recently commenced with a club capacity development training, has garnered positive feedback, providing stakeholders with valuable insights into the future of women’s football.

Obi elaborated on the concept of sisterhood, emphasizing its role in fundraising and networking. The “he for she” campaign aims to leverage the collective strength of men and women to support women’s football programs.

By tapping into the networks of individuals, the initiative seeks to raise funds and promote the gospel of women’s football.

The chairperson highlighted a series of 23 planned activities over the next year, each designed to contribute to the growth and success of women’s football.

When asked about her engagement with various states, Obi shared that the experience was enlightening.

She acknowledged the initial surprise of some states but emphasized the importance of proactive stakeholder engagement.

Obi stressed the significance of states, corporate organizations, and individuals collaborating to achieve the objectives of the “Women’s Football Rising” agenda.

She drew on her experience with the Nigerian Economic Summit Group to underscore the critical role of stakeholder support in driving positive change in women’s football.

Nkechi Obi’s comprehensive vision and proactive engagement with stakeholders signal a new era of growth and progress for women’s football in Nigeria. With a focus on development, fundraising, and collaboration, the Nigeria Women’s Football Academy is poised to elevate women’s football to greater heights.

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