Rising Tennis Prodigy Seun Ogunsakin: A Journey of Determination, Skill


In a remarkable journey of determination and skill, 14-year-old Seun Ogunsakin made history as Nigeria’s first teenage recipient of a wild card in over a decade to participate in the prestigious Junior Grand Slam at Wimbledon.

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However, despite his astounding journey, Ogunsakin narrowly missed the opportunity to compete at the world’s most prestigious tennis event.

Seun Ogunsakin’s ascent to the peak of the African U-14 Junior rankings, from his initial position at number four, was not a straightforward path. It was the result of relentless conditioning, guided by his father, Akinwunmi Ogunsakin, a dedicated tennis coach in Ekiti State.

From a young age, Seun was introduced to the world of tennis through unique conditioning methods. His father recalls tying a tennis ball to his bed, sparking Seun’s early interest in the sport. As he grew, this early foundation in tennis evolved into a remarkable skill set.

At just 11 years old, Seun Ogunsakin displayed exceptional talent, clinching the U-14 boys’ title at the 2020 CBN Junior Tennis Championships in Lagos. His victory, characterized by fantastic services, double-hand rallies, and deft drop shots, captured the hearts of tennis enthusiasts.

However, Ogunsakin’s ambitions stretched beyond local success. He expressed his desire to model his game after the legendary Rafael Nadal, aiming to reach similar heights in the tennis world.

Despite initial setbacks, including a visa denial for entry into France, Seun Ogunsakin remained undeterred. His determination led him on a European tour, where he impressed tennis enthusiasts, officials, and fellow players with his outstanding performances.

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Guido Pierre Schneider, Tournament Director at the International Deutsche Tennis Meisterschaften U-14 event in Germany, praised Ogunsakin’s remarkable skills, noting his victory over a 13th-seeded player and predicting a bright future for the young talent.

Seun Ogunsakin described his Euro tour experience as eye-opening, providing valuable lessons, advice, and opportunities for growth.

With newfound knowledge and a clear path for improvement, Ogunsakin aspires to be among the top 50 players in the world within the next two years, marking the beginning of a promising career in tennis.

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