Tattletail song {Come to Mama}/GLMV/



  1. lemme add some facts
    Tattletail's gender has been debated for a long time, but it's assumed he's male due to his package calling him he or him
    Tattletail's name is a portanteau of Tattletale and Tail. A tattletale is someone who will constantly tell on someone, in this case, Tattletail alerts Mama to your location if he doesn't get something.
    Mama was banned because she ate a child's eyes. Have fun sleeping.

    Tattletail gets rid of food it eats by laying eggs with the food in it. I still don't know how it works.
    Mama was based off a teddy ruxpin and a furby. She probably was packed with a book because when she's telling her story, she says "Turn the page"
    Mama's ears are the same size as Tattletail's ears, making her ears look smaller than they actually are.

    The protagonist has a dog, but it died early.
    The protagonist has a cat, but it only has two photos and is presumably dead.
    The protagonist has a sibling and parents, but they are only shown in photos. (Goddammit! Why is everyone dying?!)

    SPOILERS AHEAD! Tattletail is already old, but there are alot of people who haven't played Tattletail. (i assume)

    In the Kaleidoscope expansion, There are two new tattletails named Nightnight and Snowglobe. They are both defective units due to not having waydrives, the thing that gives tattletails personality
    Yet again, in the Kaleidoscope expansion, Mama is actually good.
    In the Kaleidoscope expansion, there is a person sending you notes, however it's never revealed who. It might be another child, or your dad, or tattletail???

    In the Kaleidoscope expansion, Baby Talking Tattletail (that's his full name) is replaced with Educational Tattletail, or sometimes called Boring Tattletail. He sounds robotic and emotionless.
    In the Kaleidoscope Expansion, Mama has a new jumpscare where- You know what just look it up on the wiki or youtube or something.
    In the Kaleidoscope Expansion, You open your present on Christmas Day instead of opening it early. (well, you already played with it early sooo)

  2. Oh gosh today i saw this video and click on it and…..THIS VIDEO REMIND ME SO MUCH ABOUT THIS GAME!!!!!!!😱😱😱I FORGOT ABOUT THIS GAME 5 YEARS AGO😱😱FINALLY I SAW THIS VIDEO AND REMEMBER i swear this remind me so much about it ;-;


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