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The Word Of God Can Never Lie || Let God Be God

The message: Operating By The Will Of God

Nigeria’s No. 1 Ranter, Lasisi Elenu.
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The Word Of God Can Never Lie || Let God Be God
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  1. 👏👏This your preaching came timely….I had to re-examine my motives of certain relationships. There's something like Apostle Arome Osayi in the way you speak 🙂

  2. As trivial as many may take this, there is a war between darkness and righteousness. This is one of the many battle strategies of the devil. The end time army of God must wake up and go on the offensive against the forces of darkness, however they may come. Darkness has found it's way even to the church. WAKE UP!!

  3. I could remember how we play children drama back then in church,and it was exactly d way u said it,selecting d richmen kids for special characters,u really gave me a quick recap with ur simon

  4. This attitude started in the world and has entered the church well. Most of the people that are respected and made to be part of committees in our churches are the rich. The moment things change, the respect accorded is gone. May God help us to make conscious effort to live like Jesus Christ, Amen


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