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Turbo Crest Presents Rugby Sportainment Extravaganza To Boost Awareness In Lagos

Turbo Crest is set to captivate Lagos with a dynamic Sportainment event, spotlighting the exhilarating world of rugby.

The Chief Coordinator, Mrs. Shade Johnson, unveiled the two-day spectacle, aiming to elevate rugby’s profile and foster community engagement.

The event kicks off with the Super Seven Series on the first day at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, featuring touch rugby matches. Teams, including those from Ghana, have converged in Lagos for this exciting occasion. The day will showcase both youth and adult categories, with six schools or academies participating alongside four professional sides.

The spotlight intensifies on the second day with the Sandie Beach Rugby at Landmark, marking the main event. This day is dedicated to adult professionals, including the Ghanaian team, emphasizing the diverse appeal of rugby on both traditional pitches and sandy shores.

Mrs. Johnson emphasized the event’s broader purpose, stating, “We are just trying to showcase rugby on the field and off the field, the two aspects of the game – the pitch and the beach, the sand aspect and the field aspect.” The initiative aims to raise awareness of rugby in Lagos and Nigeria, promoting the sport’s versatility and potential alongside popular games like football and basketball.

Highlighting the importance of grassroots sports, Mrs. Johnson debunked the notion that only certain sports receive recognition. She stressed that rugby, if nurtured and grown, has the potential to stand alongside more widely recognized sports. The event seeks to catalyze the development of rugby in the community, positioning it as a sport where Nigeria can compete globally.

Mrs. Johnson expressed her vision for rugby’s recognition and acknowledgment, envisioning a Nigerian rugby team triumphing over international rivals. The Sportainment extravaganza emerges as a crucial step in accelerating awareness and paving the way for rugby’s ascent in the Nigerian sports landscape.

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