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WINONE CEO Obiorah Maduakor Urges Super Eagles To Treat Every AFCON Match As a Final For Tournament Success

In a bid to secure a triumphant run in the upcoming African Cup of Nations (AFCON), Obiorah Maduakor, CEO of the renowned sports manufacturing company WINONE and Sports Center, has issued a compelling call to the Super Eagles.

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Emphasizing the critical importance of approaching each game with unwavering intensity, Obiorah Maduakor underscored the need for the team to treat every match as if it were the final.

Reflecting on past performances, Obiorah Maduakor expressed concerns over a perceived complacency that emerged after securing victories in the initial two matches. He noted that the team, on occasions, seemed to underestimate the significance of the third match, potentially leading to unfavorable outcomes.

The CEO acknowledged the adage that to become a champion, one must defeat the champion, but stressed that this approach had not yielded the desired results for the Super Eagles.

Maduakor elaborated on his perspective, stating, “This year, as the team embarks on their AFCON journey, I am directing the attention of the technical team and players alike to treat every game as a final.

Our objective is clear – we are not there to settle for draws or losses. Each match, even after winning the initial two, should be approached with the same fervor and determination.

The third match is as compulsory as the first two; hence, it demands our full focus to avoid facing formidable opponents prematurely. This is a crucial aspect that I believe can make a significant difference in our campaign.”

As the Super Eagles gear up for the AFCON, Maduakor’s impassioned plea serves as a strategic reminder for the team to maintain a relentless pursuit of victory throughout the tournament, keeping in mind that success hinges on the commitment displayed in every single encounter.

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