#SupereaglesAFCON – Tijani Babangida Encourages Super Eagles To Stay Calm, Improve Conversion Rate After Match Against Equatorial Guinea


Former Super Eagles winger, Tijani Babangida, has urged the current squad to maintain composure and view the draw against Equatorial Guinea as motivation to enhance their performance in upcoming matches.

Speaking in a chat with Brila, Babangida emphasized the importance of creating chances and encouraged the team to focus on improving their conversion rate.

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Babangida remarked, “Well, it is an opening game and you can see that we scored a goal, of course, we missed a lot as well.

But the most important thing is this team has created a lot of chances because in football when you play and you don’t create a chance, that means the game is not good.”

Highlighting the team’s fighting spirit, Babangida pointed out the quick response to Equatorial Guinea’s goal, showcasing a positive aspect of the Super Eagles’ performance.

He stressed that the opening match was just the beginning of the competition and expressed expectations for the team to elevate their performance in each subsequent game.

“We created our chances, and the moment they scored a goal, we replied to them within a minute. That shows that the team can have a fighting spirit and it’s the beginning of the competition.

So we are expecting them all to do more and better in every game they play again,” Babangida stated.

Babangida’s comments reflect a constructive perspective, acknowledging the team’s strengths and calling for continuous improvement.

As the Super Eagles gear up for the next challenges in AFCON 2024, the former winger’s words serve as a source of encouragement and a reminder of the potential for success in the tournament.

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