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Gamr Africa’s Adeshola Kunmi: Paving The Way For E-sports In Nigeria Through Kidsport Charity Cup Partnership

Adeshola Kunmi, the COO and Co-founder of Gamr Africa shared insights into the inspiration behind their partnership with the Kidsport Charity Cup and their vision for shaping the gaming and E-sports industry in Nigeria.

Gamr Africa, a prominent player in the gaming and E-sports sector, is dedicated to creating a new generation of gamers in Nigeria.

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The organization aims to provide opportunities for individuals to showcase their gaming skills and establish a viable career path within the gaming and E-sports ecosystem.

Kunmi articulated Gamr’s mission, stating, “We are able to create Esports players, game developers, streamers, and content creators.

It is basically bringing a new industry to the Nigerian gaming community.” Adeshola said in an interview with Sports247.

The focus is on nurturing talent and fostering a robust gaming community in Nigeria.

Addressing the motivation behind partnering with the Kidsport Charity Cup, Kunmi emphasized Gamr’s commitment to supporting the youth and providing them with insights into the gaming and E-sports industry.

“The reason we are here is that we are trying to create that industry for the next generation.

The youths are our major target, so we want to support them by giving them the opportunity and time to know what the gaming and E-sports industry is all about,” he explained.

Recognizing that many youths already have a passion for playing games, Gamr Africa aims to bridge the gap between passion and career opportunities in the gaming industry.

Kunmi expressed the importance of helping young individuals understand how to leverage opportunities within the gaming and E-sports space.

“The partnership is long-term, and we are supporting for as long as the event continues taking place,” Kunmi affirmed, underscoring Gamr Africa’s commitment to contributing to the growth of the gaming and E-sports industry in Nigeria through strategic partnerships like the one with Kidsport Charity Cup.

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