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Hon Daunemigha Commends Major General Gagariga For Grassroots Volleyball Development

Hon Famous Daunemigha, the South-South Representative in the Nigeria Volleyball Federation (NVBF), has expressed commendation for Major General Taritimiye Gagariga (RTD) for his dedicated efforts in developing grassroots volleyball across the country.

The praise came during the Yenagoa Invitational Volleyball Challenge 2024 held in Bayelsa State, organized by Major General Gagariga.

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Daunemigha hailed Major General Gagariga as the pride of Nigerian volleyball development, emphasizing the significant investments made in nurturing talent at the grassroots level.

The Yenagoa Invitational Volleyball Challenge, orchestrated by Gagariga, received acclaim as a positive step forward for volleyball in Nigeria.

The representative noted the diverse representation of teams from across the country at the Challenge, providing young and aspiring volleyball players with a platform to showcase their talents.

Daunemigha expressed optimism about witnessing many of these players ascending to top-tier volleyball leagues in Nigeria, including the Nigeria Premier League, National Division 1, and 2 Volleyball Leagues.

“From what I am seeing in the Yenagoa Invitational Volleyball Challenge, the whole country is well represented in Bayelsa State. The Challenge has given the young volleyball players the opportunity to showcase their talents

“I will not be surprised to see most of the players here playing topflight volleyball in the Nigeria Premier League, National Division 1 and 2 Volleyball Leagues.”

Hon Famous Daunemigha took a moment to commend the Governor of Bayelsa State, Sen Douye Diri, for his unwavering support for the Volleyball Challenge.

The Governor’s backing, including Appearance Grants, significantly contributed to the logistical needs of participating teams.

Anticipating further growth in volleyball competitions, Daunemigha hinted at upcoming events in the second quarter of the year, underscoring the commitment to fostering the sport’s development in the South-South region and beyond.

The Yenagoa Invitational Volleyball Challenge stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of sports enthusiasts, officials, and government authorities in promoting grassroots volleyball and nurturing the next generation of volleyball talents in Nigeria.

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