NNL 2023/24: Amah Ignis Clears the Air On Promotion, Relegation, Saying No Automatic Promotion


Amah Ignis, the Media Director of the Nigeria National League (NNL), has recently clarified the intricacies of this year’s promotion and relegation protocols, providing valuable insights for both participating teams and the public.

Ignis emphasized that the outlined procedures are well-documented in the league’s rule and regulation book, ensuring that all teams were made aware before the commencement of the season.

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“In the rule and regulation book of the league, I’m so sure that all the participating teams are aware of this already. It will only be a shame that any club will say that they are not aware,” stated Ignis, highlighting the importance of transparency and fair play.

Breaking down the promotion system, Ignis outlined the involvement of four teams, with the top two qualifying for playoffs. From these playoffs, four teams will emerge victorious, earning promotion to the prestigious Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL).

This strategic approach is designed to enhance competition within the league and elevate the overall standard of football.

On the flip side, Ignis detailed a more challenging scenario for teams facing relegation this season.

A total of twelve teams will be relegated from the Nigeria National League to the Nationwide League One, while only eight teams will secure promotion from the Nationwide League One.

This dynamic structure adds intensity to the competition in the lower tiers of Nigerian football.

“This we have it better out in the league regulation document, and it’s with all the teams participating in the league. This was handed to them before even the start of the league,” affirmed Ignis, emphasizing the proactive distribution of the league’s regulation document to ensure all clubs are well-informed about the stipulated rules.

This measure aims to foster a fair and informed competition, maintaining the integrity of the Nigeria National League.

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