#SupereaglesAFCON – Christian Chukwu Challenges Coach Peseiro To Improve Team Coordination After Disjointed Performance


Christian Chukwu, former coach of the Super Eagles, has challenged the current coach, Jose Peseiro, to address the team’s performance issues, emphasizing the lack of coordination and proper team play witnessed in the draw against Equatorial Guinea.

Expressing concern over the midfield control, Chukwu called for improvement and stressed the need for the team to function cohesively.

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“When I saw the match, we were not coordinating properly. Equatorial Guinea took over the midfield from us.

Luckily for them, they scored the first goal before we were able to get an equalizer,” Chukwu observed, pointing out specific areas of concern in the team’s performance.

Expressing surprise at the level of opposition posed by Equatorial Guinea, Chukwu highlighted the presence of individual stars but noted the absence of a collective team effort.

He emphasized the importance of transforming the group of talented individuals into a cohesive unit for more effective play.

“I’m wishing them all the best or the luck, but as we can see with this draw, it has given other countries a big morale that if Equatorial Guinea can play a draw with Nigeria, then the confidence is coming.

So it’s not going to be easy, but I pray that they live up to expectations,” Chukwu commented, acknowledging the potential impact of the draw on the morale of other teams.

Chukwu’s remarks serve as a constructive critique, urging Coach Peseiro to work on team coordination and unity.

As the Super Eagles navigate the challenges of AFCON 2024, the call for improvement from an experienced figure like Chukwu underscores the importance of addressing tactical shortcomings and enhancing the team’s overall performance.

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