Welcome To Mama Nita’s Kitchen. Here is My Famous Bell Pepper Recipe. 🫑😋



  1. According to Reigny ain’t nothing fittin to be from New Orleans today! 😆 please give her a hug for me and tell her mine fittin to be from New York! These look absolutely amazing! Thanks for the recipe

  2. Other than all of that I posted below that I don't expect anybody to read but I posted it anyway, I forgot to mention that the #StuffedBellPeppers looks really good Nita but can I order mine without ground meat and replaced with corrrrnbread instead please. Thaaaank youuu. And don't beez talm'bout how long my other post is or we gonz fite. I'm just jokinz. Also, love your#Intro

  3. Reign is too dam grown i don’t like that. Toya you my home girl you know we don’t raise our kids like that. Teach her to be respectful. She have too much she want to talk about to be so young. We got two ears, and one mouth for a reason. Its not cute at all!

  4. Welcome to YouTube Mama Nita🤣🤣🤣Reigny is so cute and funny 😭I love how you and the the family just chilling while you cooking 🫶🏽Them Bell Peppers looks delicious 😋

  5. (Like the commercial) "Ouuuuuuuwweeee! And (in the voice of #DavidArnold), "#WellGaaahhhhhhhDaaamm", what the heck have been said soooo negative/baaad about #NewOrleans around #Reign like that for her to have such strong animosity towards a/the City like that. Sounding almost similar to racial war/hateful attitudes towards #AfroDescents. Even though I kind of got what she was saying, buuut daammn, I felt that bittertude. It's just a City. Is there's some silly City Beefing going on in George towards New Orleans that was instilled into her heart that her mom's side of the family is from? Who doood that to her?

    And don't use that"Shes Just A Child" old played out lame bull crap excuse because we all know that children are good for saying anything out loud good and bad that they've heard/learned and like it or not, I'm all for it because I strongly believe in letting children(I have 2 sons, all grown now) speak out/speak their minds but in a respectful manner towards adult family members, especially PARENTS(I don't play that shhii__ when it comes to parents, anybody parents. I don't givuh fot how bad of a parent they are, watcha fot'n mouf or get purrrnched in it). Also, like with adults, I like to get into children's head to know how/what they feel and think too and Reign has surely given a head full on how she felt, from what she's been told that is. Keep'em coming Reign guuurrl, weee'rrre allll eeyyeess👀👁👁 and eaaarrrs👂👂🦻🦻. Bring it. Yesssiiirrsskeee.

    Now as for #Nita, a lot of yus wanted her to have her own channel and once made the decision to do so, I think she just wanted somebody to join her to at least help her get started/comfortable with doing her very first #Content/#video and it looks like it all boiled down to Reign who probably said something like, "I'll do it!" annnnd…..VOILA!! There yuh go and this probably will not be the only time Reign will join her so either get use to it/just enjoy the content or…….keep unasked opinions to yourselves and X the hell out. They don't need yall unasked opinion on how to run their life. They know what the hell they're doing and have been doing it long before sharing their lives on social media and #RealityTvShows.

    Howevumz, with that being said, #Nita gurrl, be yourself/give'em what they want by doing what you want that pleases you too and I'm pretty sure your true supporters would love to see you cook in your cute cozy comfortable kitchen next time. Yeah gurl your kitchen is cute comfy cozy and homey too. Well to me anyway. 🎶That's what I saaaid🎶(#CurtisMayfield). That's it that's all….#TheEnd.


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