5 Best PDF Combiner to Merge PDF File


No matter whether you have offline or online PDF combiner, it assists you to merge or combine two or more PDF files into an individual a single PDF document file. When it comes to sharing or printing multiple PDF document files or even if you need to store/archive PDF files, it’s ideal to combine PDF for swift outcomes.

5 Best PDF Combiner to Merge PDF File

More specifically, PDF merger will assists for improving workflow since its saves your both time and effort. Now, you have to join all of PDF files in a single document and instantly apply the action of interest at once instead of applying actions to every PDF. Thus, we listed different PDF file combining tools that allow you to combine PDF without any quality distortion.

Did You Know!

When it comes to working with PDF files regularly, you have to combine (merge) pdf files into a single PDF document format. Even if you have multiple PDF documents and want to send them over email, then its best merge them into a single document for ease and swift sharing. This is where theonlineconverter.com source provided you with free PDF combiner that lets you merge/combine multiple PDF documents into an independent PDF without disrupting PDF orientation and size.


It is referred to as online PDF combiner and even also provided you with desktop version for offline users. Now, you can easily join PDF document files, it requires less than a minute to merge multiple PDF files into a single document.

Additionally, prior exporting the combined PDF documents, you ought to attain the chance to rotate PDF files and even rearrange the PDF s alphabetically. Besides that, you can be able to drag and drop PDF document files to swiftly specify a custom arrangement. Even with this PDF combiner, you will facilitate with integrated cloud services for Google Drive and Dropbox. The upside is that your combined and uploaded PDF documents are entirely away from an unauthorized access since it provided you with encrypted connections.

Why iLovePDF?

  • Works best for rotating PDF document files prior to merging
  • It assists you to rearrange the PDF documents
  • Provided you with safe and secure PDF file joiner
  • Highly supportive pdf file merger for Google Drive and Dropbox service
  • Swift and straight-forward PDF document combiner


PDFBinder is the simple, but best PDF combiner that assists you to combine innumerable PDF documents into an individual PDF file. Give a try to this PDF merger right now to get rid of slow, cumbersome, and even expensive software tool that combine PDF file.

Even it does not matter either you have small or large PDF files, this PDF file combiner never compromise on quality while merging PDF. Besides that, feel hassle-free while arranging PDF document to match your preferred order prior clicking on the merge PDF button. The upside is that this is referred to as pretty lightweight PDF joiner that just makes a small footprint on the computer resources. Don’t fret this PDF merger loaded with simple UI that does not require any steep learning curve.

Why PDFBinder?

  • Absolutely free PDF combiner
  • Provided you with swift outputs regarding combining PDF files
  • This PDF joiner retains the original document size while combining PDFs
  • Lets you proceed with drag-and-drop feature while merging pdf


If you’re dealing with PDF document files on regular basis, then you may already have an idea about this web-based medium. It loaded with best PDF converter that lets its users to deal with PDF related conversions for free of cost. Even its online PDF combiner is 100% free for combining multiple PDF files into single one without sacrificing on the quality of the document.

All you need to browse the multiple PDFs that you want to merge into a single independent PDF file and let all done by its best PDF merger right now. Even it supports batch PDF merging for free within couple of clicks.

Why theonlineconverter?

  • 100% free PDF combiner
  • No quality and orientation lost while combining PDF document files
  • Hassle-free interface
  • Allow you to process with cloud-services fro combining PDF files
  • Perform batch processing for PDF merging

PDFMate Free PDF Merger:

PDFMate is well-known due to its best PDF converter, but now thanks to this source that loaded with PDF combiner and split application. When it comes to merging multiple PDF files, this tool guaranteed high speeds and undoubted accuracy. Besides that, now you can be able to specify the page range for joining PDF with assistance of this PDF joiner.

Additionally, give a try to this PDF tool that lets you break large PDF files, remove unnecessary pages, rearrange the files, and simply combine the crucial parts of the documents. The most appealing reason to use this pdf merger is that it lets you to choose your preferred paper size (A5, A4, Letter, etc), orientation (vertical or horizontal). Even it does not matter whether you want to encrypt the combined PDF for restricting, editing, copying, and printing, this PDF combiner will does it best to provide you with best results.

Why PDFMate?

  • Allow you to proceed with merged PDF encryption
  • Assists you in defining the output layout
  • This pdf combiner lets you to merge certain page ranges (if required)
  • Loaded with high level accuracy while combining files
  • You can be able to proceed with batch add and even arrange PDF document files

PDF Merge (Android):

Even better, you get to enjoy PDF compression options while keeping the original quality intact, and the output PDF file can be encrypted with a password to restrict access. Other than that, you have a simple and modern user interface at your disposal

Give a try to this PDF merger for combining PDF files using your Android device. Once you combined PDF with this PDF combiner, it becomes easy to archive and share. The great thing about this PDF joiner is that you can now easily arrange the PDF files in any order you want. And, even this handy PDF file merger lets you import the files from the multiple mediums including the web. Just make a couple of hits to combine any number of PDF files, but the only downside about this tool is that you have to worry about storage since it mainly running out.

Why PDF Merge?

  • Works efficiently for rearranging PDF files before combining
  • Provided you with document compression feature
  • You can fetch combined PDF encryption options
  • Allow you to join an unlimited number of PDF files


Finally, you have got best PDF combiner here! Don’t fret since all the PDF mergers are test and well-researched, feel-hassle free while using them. Good Luck!


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