Welcome back to the farm today we deliver one of our rescue horses to a great young man that will love him! We also work with Buck – who’s Buck? Watch and see and we do a little horses training on this colt for the very first time – he even gets a halter on for the very first time! Buck is so athletic – he can sure jump!

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  2. Nice baby, good job Casey! My daddy always used a good inner tube on the tie post so the babies can't hurt their neck. Our 4-H leader told us to tie at the level higher that the withers too. Thanks for this fun video.

  3. Sure hope you work with Chip 66 before he gets bigger….these babies if aren't handled from birth can get to be a handful as you well know and just keeps from the hurting themselves…..

  4. Your lovely baby is missing his mum, rather badly.
    He needed to stay with his mum, a bit long.
    I don't think he was ready for all this treatment.
    Thanks for all you do, but I do think you started training him, too soon.
    Best wishes!

  5. You and your family are so fortunate to live on the Route 66 farm. My grandparents had a small farm and I will never forget the feeling of being on the farm. It was the best feeling. Thanks for the video of Buck. He is a beautiful little colt. Hope he is sold soon.

  6. Cassie, I think πŸ€” you need to call that colt Buckaroo 66. You need not to be afraid to be in he's space. You could learn a lot from this little horse 🐎, on train them . I like to see you have him a little while, for practice πŸ˜‰. Good πŸ‘ job Cassie πŸ‘.

  7. We need more people like you that knows how to fine animals good homes. I feel so sorry for people that love their horses But don’t have the time and money to take care of them. That why god has great people like your family.God bless your family because God is awesome and he’s gonna straighten this world out


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