Inside One Of The Biggest Cruise Ships In The World


Cruising the seas has become a bigger industry than ever before in the 2020s. Sure, things started pretty badly with the pandemic hitting the big ships, and many local people in places like Venice, Italy saying a big No to cruise ships rolling up in their historic cities. But these super-polluting floating luxury detention centers are some people’s idea of a dream vacation. So let’s check out the biggest and the baddest of the new batch. From the symphony of the seas to the world’s only ocean liner, here’s the
20 Biggest Cruise Ships in the World

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  1. The difference is the Titanic was an ocean liner not a cruise ship. It does not take people on cruises it gets you across the Atlantic from point A to point B in the lap of luxury should be to afford it. There’s been whisperings of bringing back the Titanic obviously a modernised version.


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