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2023/24 NWFL: Dannaz Ladies Set Ambitious Goals In Debut Campaign As They Look To Give Lagos Good Representation - JamzNG
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Friday, December 8, 2023

2023/24 NWFL: Dannaz Ladies Set Ambitious Goals In Debut Campaign As They Look To Give Lagos Good Representation

Dannaz Ladies under the ownership of Danny Nazzal has outlined its vision and ambitions for women’s football in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Nazzal expressed his commitment to making Lagos and Nigerian girls proud through the team’s efforts in the Premier League and beyond.

Nazzal stated, “We want to make Lagos proud. We want to make Lagos girls proud, Nigerian girls proud. We want to try our best to not only stay in the Premier League but also qualify for the NPFL Super six”.

“That’s the first step for this season, and our next step is the season after we try and win the Premier League”.

One of the key points Nazzal highlighted was the significance of new initiatives in women’s football particularly the three-tier league system.

He praised these initiatives as vital steps to improve and expand women’s football in Nigeria.

He further emphasized the importance of encouraging girls to play football, involving them in sports, and even including the State League to promote participation among schoolgirls.

Regarding player recruitment and development, Nazzal explained that Dannaz Ladies has a clear vision and style of play while also acknowledging the challenges of limited female footballers.

Speaking on, he emphasized their commitment to sourcing players and strengthening the existing squad.

Nazzal’s focus is on nurturing local talent, and he ruled out the possibility of signing foreign players in the near future, aiming to build a purely Nigerian team.

The club owner also emphasized the importance of professionalism and future planning.

Dannaz FC aims to have both male and female professional teams, focusing on playing at the highest levels.

Nazzal stressed the need for continuous talent development and creating opportunities for emerging players.

The club’s philosophy revolves around grooming talents and ensuring a continuous flow of fresh talent.

In a bid to further promote women’s involvement in football, Nazzal highlighted the “from class to pitch” initiative.

This initiative aims to encourage more female referees, coaches, and administrators to engage with the sport, providing opportunities for those with a passion for the game, even if they aren’t players.

Dannaz FC’s ambitious plans and commitment to the development of women’s football in Lagos reflect the growing enthusiasm for women’s sports in Nigeria.

With a clear vision and determination, the club aims to set new standards and inspire a new generation of female footballers in the country.

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