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Hey Steve: Go Back Home To Mama?

She’s struggling financially – lost her house and her car. Is it time to head back home to mama?

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  1. Not a lot of people have the option to go HOME. Lucky are those who do!!!!
    I lost my Dad last year all i have is my mom. If i didnt have parents i would have been stuck in serious situations.

  2. No issue to live with your parents 😅
    We Arabs and Muslims stay with our parents until death, because they need care when they become old
    even if we married we take our parents to live with us and its normal

  3. It baffles me how crashing on a friend's couch is preferable to Americans than moving back with your parents. I don't see how your pride is less damaged by being on the streets or depending on a friend than by depending on your parents, you know, the ones who primarily love you and care for you the most?
    Stop this stigma and stop spreading it to other countries …. That stigma of staying with your parents as an adult. It doesn't even make sense to move out just for the sake of moving out. If you're moving to study, or for a job, or to get married, sure, but just to be alone and away from your parents? unless they are bad parents then why? Preserve those bonds and spend as much time as you can with your loved ones. Your parents won't be there forever.

  4. In Saudi Arabia no one leaves home until they get married no matter how old you are, if they get divorced they come back home. Family love and support is a very big deal here in Saudi. It's a great blessing to be around the parents and also take care of them when they get old. hearing the mother's prayers for you in the morning before you head to work is priceless.

  5. She has a mother that loves her enough not to see her struggle. She's on barrowed time at her friends house. It's nothing wrong with having dreams. But keep reality in mind. Go home and regroup.

  6. Can't understand what the stigma is in America to just live with your folks until you're married or even way after. Grandparents are amazing teachers and guardians for their grandkids. Not all parents are intrusive in your life and you can still maintain independence…


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