Rabi’u Ali: Defying Time, Age In The Nigerian Grassroots League


In the world of Nigerian grassroots football, where fresh, young talents typically dominate the field, one name stands out for its sheer defiance of time – Rabi’u Ali.

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At the ripe age of 43, he’s become a living legend in a league that typically sees younger legs running the show.

Rabiu Ali is a Nigerian football midfielder who plays for Kano Pillars F.C. He is the current captain of Kano Pillars F.C. and is regarded as one of the club’s greatest-ever players and one of the best players in the Nigerian Professional Football League

Rabi’u Ali, a name that echoes like folklore among the grassroots, is a living testament to the unquenchable spirit of an age-old warrior. With 111 goals to his name, he’s become the all-time leading scorer in the National League.

An astonishing achievement, especially when you consider that this year, at 43, he added two more goals to his name.

But what’s even more astounding is that Ali has claimed something truly unique in the Nigerian League – a 14-year streak of scoring goals. That’s right, every single year for over a decade and a half, Ali has been putting the ball into the back of the net, defying the natural course of time.

He’s carried his team to victory three times, a feat that’s only accomplished by the footballing giants. North or South, it’s a debate that transcends borders. Some argue that it’s time to let the youngsters take center stage, while others continue to applaud Ali’s ageless prowess.

His determination and passion for the game remain as strong as ever, and perhaps in this resilience, there’s a lesson for all – that the love of the sport knows no age, and the old warhorses still have some tricks left up their sleeves.

However, as remarkable as his achievements are, they raise the inevitable question: with all his wisdom and expertise, should Ali still be on the field in a league that’s known for giving young talent its shot?

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