Art vlog | What I discovered on a foggy morning #207


I call it a big surprise, the gallery that emerged from the gray mist that morning. The owner, Loekie Rijlaarsdam, visited my studio a while ago and asked if I wanted to participate in the exhibition in her gallery. By now my paintings had already been collected and the exhibition was set up. Time for a visit. I knew the gallery by name and had seen some photos. Loekie, told me that she prefers that the reaction of people upon arrival is; ‘wow’!
I can tell you that is certainly what my reaction was!
Visit the exhibition until February 18, 2024 in Nieuwkoop
This vlog is published in online art magazine ‘Kunstenaar Magazine’ #207
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My name is Hannelore Houdijk. I’m an artist and I live in Holland. I graduated from art school and I’ve been painting professionally for many years now.
I make realistic paintings, mostly still lifes, inspired by still lifes from the golden age, Rembrandt van Rijn. In my recent paintings I have made still lifes under water. They are based on photos of porcelain cups and saucers that I placed in the water outside in nature. The distortion of water and light makes the still life realistic and abstract at the same time. And to show that, I have developed a unique way of painting. Up close the painting has coarse brushstrokes and from a distance it appears photorealistic. The image changes when you move further away.

Warnars&Warnars Art Dealers: ‘It’s bubbly, it’s vibrant, it’s colourful, it’s Hannelore Houdijk!
Her art has a unique theme: tableware under water, which she paints in a realistic style on large format. The result is brilliant. Houdijk revisits the traditional still life genre by giving it a modern and lively twist. The water environment in which the tea set is plunged creates motion and agitation. The waves and light reflections add a component of abstraction, which Houdijk counterbalances with her photorealistic approach.
The energy that emanates from her paintings speaks to us, and we are now proud to represent Hannelore Houdijk at Warnars & Warnars art dealers. Curious to see the ‘behind the scenes’ of our encounter? Watch her vlog on YouTube and follow her for more of these!’

Gallery Mc Sorley: “Hannelore Houdijk’s servies in water series refers to our temporary existence taken as an update of the Vanitas still-lives captured by the Dutch Masters of the 16-17 century. The Vanitas paintings were seen as moral reminders of man’s mortal nature and the end of all our earthly pleasure. Precious objects as clever symbols were painted in the 17th century to illustrate the fruitlessness of earthly life desires and Hannelore’s paintings renew this experience with a modern touch.”

*Master of Fine Arts (graduated from AKV|St.Joost and ArtEZ Dutch Art Institute)
* Top 100 Artist of the year 2023 and 2024
*Winner of ‘Painting of the year 2019
*Second price Audience Award ADAF 2020
*Winner ‘Entrepeneur of the year’ 2021
*Winner Nationale Kunstdagen 2022
*NABK PRO member
*Ambassador Ara Colours

Represented by:
*Gallery Warnars &Warnars Art Dealers, Holland
*SHE Art Gallery, Holland
*Gallery Sille in Oudewater, Holland
*Gallery Mc Sorley in ‘s-Graveland, Holland
My vlogs are published in the online art magazine ‘Kunstenaar Magazine’
Instagram: Hannelore Houdijk



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