Patti LaBelle – AMAZING- When You're Good To Mama -Chicago the Musical


I did not film this, but reuploaded because original user took it down. Patti BLOWING THE ROOF off with When You’re Good To Mama, In Chicago the Musical!!


  1. you know what, goddammit?!…if you are hatin' on Patti for singing something your whack-ass probably cant sing, sober, drunk, high or after a million voice lessons, then you have too much time on your hands. Im so tired of so-called Broadway purists, who couldn't hold a note for 2 seconds, acting like they know something about how to sing ANYTHING. PLEASE, find an extremely high bridge to take a leap from. You douchebags did the same thing when Jennifer Hudson sang "Nessun Dorma"…get a damn life, bro.

  2. Everyone talk about Patti over singing this yet say nothing when melba Moore or Jennifer Holliday did the same with the song. I love all versions of over singing because no one can do it like them!


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