TCCLeague24: Beyond Limits FC Celebrates Back-to-Back Victory… Coach Olumide Expresses Delight


In an electrifying contest, Beyond Limits FC clinched a resounding 5-3 victory against Gbagada FC in the Creative Championship, marking their second consecutive win in the league.

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Head coach Ajibolade Olumide, in a post-match interview with Sports247, shared his jubilation over the team’s impressive performance.

“I feel very happy because I think that we deserve the win,” expressed Coach Olumide, highlighting the team’s unwavering commitment and dedication in training. “We’ve made a conscious effort to improve our goal-scoring, chances creation, and conversion.

While we acknowledge that we are a work in progress, particularly in defense, I’m very optimistic that we will continue to make strides in the coming weeks.”

Beyond Limits FC Coach was quick to recognize the psychological growth in the team as they rallied from behind to secure the thrilling win. He observed, “Yes, it’s good that you noticed that psychologically we have also taken a step forward, and that’s very important.

I could see a lot of emotions in the boys when they could recognize that they could surmount their challenges.”

“In life, as in football, you have to face challenges, and the resilient ones are the individuals who can take a step forward, rise above their limitations, and strive to achieve their goals.

For us, winning today was the goal, and the boys demonstrated exceptional character in achieving that. I’m thrilled with their performance.”

Kparobo Arieahi, who delivered another outstanding display with a remarkable hat-trick, received praise from Coach Olumide. “Well, Kparobo is an absolutely remarkable young talent.

He’s a hard worker and a humble individual, and I’m very happy for him. Some of his goals today were trademark Kparobo goals, characterized by precise first-time finishes.

What’s most gratifying is his improved hold-up play today, particularly in shielding the ball and seeking a pass after the hold-up, especially in the diagonal. I’m delighted to witness his dedication during training translating into exceptional on-field performance.”

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